Polyurethane foam - technical, anti-static, comfort

Pur Pol Sp. z o.o company processes polyurethane foams used in all sectors of the economy. Just as diverse is the world so we have differentiated products. That is why we are constantly increasing development and investment in the latest technologies that allow us to meet the most demanding customers.
We offer a wide range of polyurethane foams of world renowned manufacturers and basic products used in the furniture industry.
Our professional staff cooperate with our customers from an early stage of product development and provide professional advice.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!
Your PUR POL team

Acoustics, soundproofing

The world around us emits many noises. This plenty of sounds often causes interference in different processes. Today’s progress in PUR foam production makes it possible to reduce noise using a variety of profiles.



Producers need a well-designed package in order to deliver high quality products. We help to create shock absorbing foam inserts, flat and profiled.


Furniture, rehabilitation, sports

Intensive professional life absorbs a lot of energy. Therefore, to regain the balance we need comfort solutions at home and in places of entertainment. Sound sleep, sports activities and the development of interests require support in the form of our professional products.


Filtration of liquids and gases

The sustainable development and ecology are very important in today’s world. Therefore, all are encouraged to conserve natural resources, especially water which is often used in the production of many products.


Springs, adhesives

Business economics dictates different methods of company development. To meet the expectations of the market we cooperate with producers of Bonnell and pocket springs and manufacturers of adhesives.


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